Memory Video

Viva Video in Philadelphia is the passion of owner Miguel Gomez, inspired by nostalgic childhood memories of video stores. In a post-Blockbuster age, his store has realized modest success, but as streaming looks set to swallow his audience, he fears Viva Video might become a retro curiosity.

Burning My Tongue

A short film about flirting written and directed by Murphy McCann.

Dare to be Remarkable

The heartwarming story of Alyssa Silva, a young adult with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Highlighting her achievements as a college graduate, professional writer and nonprofit entrepreneur, this documentary showcases the power of love between a tireless family and a young woman determined to use her life for good.

Human Stories

When we run into fascinating people or intriguing stories, we love putting our passion to work. This is an ongoing series of short stories about characters we find interesting or mission-driven causes we support.

Those are our originals.

We’re also here to help other filmmakers.

Production  |  Post  |  VFX  |  Title Design  |  Animation


We had the privilege of creating the title design sequence for this mission-driven documentary. In addition, we enjoyed working on the Citizens to Netizens animation project to help raise awareness about the film.

Jamall Osterholm

We enjoyed providing planning and production support for this project about a young fashion designer making an impact with his work.