Meet the Pride

Andy Drachman

From a young age our lead cinematographer has been captivated by the world of movies. The question of “how do they do that?” intrigued him and led to a lifetime of seeking answers. To this day Andy’s curiosity pushes him to learn and apply the practices of filmmaking and cinematography to each of his projects. Beyond the necessity of skillfull lighting and camera work, Andy is constantly striving for how to best capture the heart of the story.

“When faced with a choice between a frame that looks good or a frame that serves the narrative – – the narrative should win,” Andy says.

After graduating from URI in 2011, he joined the Animus Studios team as an editor and assistant camera.  Andy quickly realized his passion for storytelling and camera work and decided to focus on cinematography. Since becoming a full time cinematographer, Andy has filmed and directed scores of projects around the world and has won awards at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Providence 48 hour films festivals for “Best Humanitarian Film” and “Best Cinematography”, respectively.

Watch some of my recent work below.

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Behind the Scenes / College Visions