Authenticity is In

By June 23, 2015 September 21st, 2018 Video Strategy

We recently surprised a new client. How? By being authentic. Our genuine passion for helping them surpassed their expectations. We didn’t just talk about video strategy… we were excited to brainstorm ways to help them sell, market and communicate their brand.

As a video crew, we often have a “backstage pass” into many of our clients’ businesses. We interview employees and customers, talk about goals, and, ultimately, gain insights throughout the entire process. We have honest conversations. We bring our culture to every shoot and turn production into a fun experience rather than work. We get excited about ideas and aren’t afraid to put them on the table – even when the recommendation doesn’t equate to more video. Our approach is honest and we embrace it as part of our culture.

The realization – authenticity is very, very “in”. Above all, it’s what sells in today’s marketplace… and it’s a lot more fun to be authentic. Companies (at least the ones we want to work with!) are searching for qualified partners who become trusted allies. We aren’t looking for transaction-oriented vendors.

Most of our clients love videos that showoff their authenticity. We’ve dubbed this type of production “cinematic docu-style” because it pairs the authenticity of a documentary with the quality of a film. We utilize our clients’ employees as the talent. We film them “doing their thing” and guide them through a conversational interview. While we pre-produce the story and key talking points, we let your team say it in their own words. The result: a video that is trustworthy… by a company that is trustworthy.

Here’s an example of a “cinematic docu-style” video from Dave’s Marketplace. By filming their team “behind the scenes” we were able to show their style, passion, and approach. In this example, we met their team at the seafood pier at 4am and had a blast telling the story of how Dave’s procures its seafood. Authenticity works – the more you know about the Dave’s Marketplace, the more you love it.

We encourage you to embrace your personality; being authentic will attract the right customers and employees. Your videos are just one more avenue to showcase who you are and what you represent. We’re here when you’re ready to showoff the personal side of your brand.