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It’s right around the corner. All of that hard work is about to pay off as hundreds or thousands of people gather to enjoy your labor of love, your baby — your event. Like you, we love the thrill of being part of an event. But “event” isn’t even the right word. Great events are really experiences: carefully crafted to emotionally compel your audience forward in their journey. Great events have the audience saying “wow,” “how’d they do that,” “they’re rockstars”.

Sure, you’re probably thinking: “Video? Okay, we’re 2 months out from the event, let’s make an event recap or opening video.” That’s cool. But, our approach offers so much more. Video and events are best friends, so we’ll probably be your best friend too.

When we’re brought on as a partner, we bring a storyteller’s lens to help craft your experience. And yes, we can weave video into this experience before, during and after your event.

For our annual flagship event Animus handles all pre-production, filming, editing and bespoke animation. To say we are pleased is an understatement.

Sam MasseyGlobal Brand Experience Lead

Thoughtfully designed content for every part of your event.

Build buzz before your event.

Successful events build buzz before the event – to attract an audience and lure sponsors. We’ll help you produce video content for your website, social, ads, and anything else you can think up.

Create a memorable experience.

Your event starts. Wow, that was boring. From the very beginning, you’re responsible for delivering the fascinating. High-end video and experiential content pack a punch that puts your audience on the edge of their seat.

Capture the action.

Like the wind, if you don’t capture content at your event… the opportunity is gone. Not quite sure what you’d do with captured wind, but you get the idea. We capture your long-form talks, interview booths, and cinematic footage to build incredible content.

Elevate your post-event communications.

Your event is bound to a physical location on a specific time and date. Your content isn’t. We’ll help you build a hub, fill your content calendar, and make follow-ups your audience engages with.


For the last three years, we’ve supported ThoughtWorks flagship event dedicated to crafting an intimated experience with top executives. We create engaging content for screens of all shapes and sizes, produce an instantaneous overnight edit, and fill their hub with content after the event.

Project Highlights

  • Promotional video to spark interest
  • Opening animation and additional content for a 80′ x 10′ screen
  • Filming day one with an overnight edit to start day two
  • Recap video and long-form content hub for post-event communication


From a large highflying jumbotron to a super wide imagery, we’ve helped AGFA design eye catching trade show experiences in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best part? Much of this content can be retooled and used for other marketing initiatives.

Project Highlights

  • Concepting to bring their tagline “care you can see” to life
  • Eye catching large format jumbotron video with four sizes
  • Super wide trade show graphic imagery
  • Repurposed content for a product explainer animation video

Global Forum for Innovation in Agriculture

When an event involves the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and a trip to Abu Dhabi you know it’s intense. This large event brought us to Abu Dhabi where we produced promotional content, same-day edits, and recap videos for one of the biggest conferences in the Middle East. Scientists and entrepreneurs shared strategies to ensure the planet remains sustainable.

Project Highlights

  • Pre-event promotional content from Bill Gates
  • In-event opening video featuring Bill Gates
  • Overnight edit for an event recap film at the end of the event
  • Post-event edits and sponsorship films

Volvo Ocean Race

During the Newport stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race, we captured the fast-moving action of the Abu Dhabi crew. With multiple cameras capture all of the action on the land and water, we were able to produce five high-end daily updates for social media.

Project Highlights

  • Live event coverage on land & sea
  • Daily edits for three days
  • Post-event recap content

Always on Symposium

For over five years, we’ve covered both the Always on Leadership and Technology Symposiums. We’ve help promote the event, create ‘wow’ during the event, and capture the action and learning moment.

Project Highlights

  • Pre-event promotional content
  • In-even opening video and textural content
  • Live event filming
  • Post-event recap video and breakout sessions
  • Interview booth an ongoing content in the ‘red chair’ series


When you bring your whole company together there’s a long list of possibilities for content. With OneDigital, we didn’t just make opening videos and recaps, we also used their event as an opportunities to capture their team on camera delivering an ongoing supply of thought leadership content.

Project Highlights

  • Event opening video
  • Event recap video
  • Live event filming
  • Live filming booth to capture additional marketing content

TopCoder Open

For two years, we enjoyed capturing one of the biggest technology competitions on the planet. The TopCoder Open brings together the best coders, developers, and designers from around the globe to compete for money. We helped produce video content that heightened the competition.

Project Highlights

  • Promotional content for attendees and sponsors
  • Creative opening video
  • Live event streaming and capture
  • Daily production of 5 social media videos
  • Overnight edit to create an event overview film

Events come in all shapes & sizes, so can’t wait to learn about yours. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.