The first thing your video needs is a Vision…and the five elements of an effective one

By February 26, 2016 September 21st, 2018 Production, Video Strategy

Think first.


  • What do you need a video for?
  • Where will it be seen?
  • What is your message?

While a lot of questions ultimately need to be answered when producing a video, the most important one is: what will your video look like?

There is a lot of work that goes into producing something that engages your audience. The biggest obstacle between having an idea and effectively sharing it with others is lack of vision.  Locations, talent, scripting, shooting, editing, delivery – the list goes on, but the key to managing the whole production is tying every decision back to the original picture.

To assist you in your filmmaking endeavor, here is a layout of the 5 elements of video you need to consider before you start shooting:

  • Message – What are you trying to achieve? Who is your key audience? How do you want your audience to feel?
  • Style – How do you picture your story being told? Will the talent be on screen or will there be a voice over? Do you want to incorporate motion graphics? How about documentary-style? What type of music/sounds will accompany the visuals?
  • Talent – Who is going to be your on-screen representation? Do you want to use people from within your organization or hire an actor to deliver your message?
  • Location – Where are you going to shoot your video? Are there environments other than your workplace that would best suit your message?
  • Deliverables – One of the most important, and probably most overlooked questions is: where will your video be seen? How is your message going to be delivered to your audience? Is it going to be on your homepage and sent in an e-mail blast? An on-air commercial? At an event?

No matter the type of video you’re aiming to produce, the result will benefit greatly by matching the final product with your vision. If you start by answering these questions, you’re going to find the whole process a lot easier on you, your people and your budget.