How Video Helps Manufacturing Companies

By July 30, 2015 August 12th, 2015 Manufacturing, Video Strategy

No matter what you manufacture, your organization can benefit from telling its story. While the products our manufacturing clients make widely vary, they share common ties when it comes to video. We’ve turned these commonalities into an outline of our top video solutions for manufacturing companies.

You and your competitors are likely talking about being lean, sharing quality metrics, reviewing your supply chain and fine tuning your offerings. These are important – but what truly differentiates you? The answer that we frequently hear is capabilities and people. Videos can help you differentiate your business and scale your ability to provide unexpected service. For example, many of our manufacturing clients tell us that the facility tour is a key step in winning more business. Video is the easiest way to bring your customers “into” your company sooner in the process.

Here’s a look at how many of our manufacturing clients are using video:

  • Tell a story about your brand and what differentiates you. Most manufactures start here. They want a simple way to communicate who they are, what they do, how they do it, who they do it for and what makes them different. The key to a good overview is boiling down the message to create something that makes an impact.
  • Showcase your products, processes, capabilities and facilities. Many manufacturers rely on their facility tour to seal the deal with new opportunities. Video offers the ability to scale your facility tour and ensure it is delivered with consistency. Imagine if you could replicate the things that help close deals, like facility tours, earlier in the process.
  • Provide excellent and proactive customer service. What if your product came with unparalleled support? Often manufacturers have heavy upfront costs for new clients. This makes customer service critical as the lifetime value of clients is extremely high. By proactively delivering excellent customer service, your team will deal with fewer issues. FAQ videos, customer training, thank you videos and more can be produced to mitigate pre-sale questions and post-sale support.
  • Win more bids. Want to stand out on your next bid? A video attachment to your bid can dramatically improve your ability to stand out (on something other than price). You can add your main overview to the bid and/or produce a custom video for each large opportunity in order to share what makes you most qualified.

If you’re a manufacturing company using video or considering using video, share your thoughts below.



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