Retirement – yahoo!

But, how will you replace

your paycheck in retirement?

Planning for retirement is exciting when you’re thinking about your bucket list. But… it’s a lot less exciting when you’re thinking about how you’ll pay for everything.

When looking at options, “fixed index annuity” isn’t as widely embraced as more conventional options. It may even sound scary to some people.

But in reality, this is a financial product designed to do things a lot of us really want like decrease risk, ensure a fixed monthly payment, and earn money if the stock market goes up.

We worked with our client to change the conversation around “fixed index annuity” by showing how people reach to the idea of it rather than its name.

Our top wholesalers LOVE it! Here's a sample quote: “Great job. I love this. This is what I am talking about. Hit the emotion, not just the product. Really, really good Jack!!!"

JackAVP, Retirement Marketing

What do you do when

customers love your product,

but hate its name?

“Fixed index annuity” — It has a nice ring to it right? Unfortunately financial jargon like this often leaves people confused and unexcited. Our client was looking for a way to make fixed index annuities more appealing.

In reality, most people getting ready for retirement would love a reliable income to replace their paycheck (in addition to a poolside cocktail). So we decided to create a very conversational campaign about replacing your income in retirement (not cocktails).

A jam-packed day

with 12 actors in a busy studio

providing real answers about retirement.

Our ‘find your fascinating’ brainstorming session lead to a series of creative paths forward ranging from the wildly bold to the politely tame. Ultimately, this campaign was about conversations, so we wanted to capture real responses to conversations about retirement and financial planning.

While our client hadn’t produced many live action pieces of video content, we worked with them to develop an interview manuscript, sample scripts, and ensure everything adhered to their brand guideline. We blocked 12 actors for a 10 hour production day designed to capture enough content to drive a series of deliverables.

A series of videos & photography

supporting a digital campaign

targeting two audiences.

With both consumers and financial professionals as the audience, we needed to produce a range of deliverables aimed at each audience. For consumers, we wanted to show that they are not alone in this conversation and that fixed index annuities are a product they should consider.

For financial professionals, we wanted to show a series of responses to financial jargon to highlight how their clients feel during their meetings. Both pieces are designed to spark initial conversations and improve the dialogue between financial professionals and their clients. The campaign launched in spring of 2019 and will update this section with more details.