Helping a tech start-up

make a big first impression.

As a pioneering tech-start up, PinkLion quickly booked speaking engagements that put their brand front and center at key industry events. While they could’ve made complicated videos describing all of the features of their offering, they opted to present us with a simple challenge: Help us leave a big impression. 

We made two fun, fast-paced videos that reflected their brand and their prospects. Their brand teaser pulls various industries into their logo mark for a simple and memorable experience. The PinkLion logo is stuck in your head after watching this video.

I wouldn’t trust my brand to any other company. After working with many large agencies during my time at Oracle and other large companies, I will be sticking with Animus. The quality of the work, the professionalism of the staff, and their creativity and design process were unmatched. We will be doing many more projects and look forward to our continued partnership with such an amazing and talented group of people!

Jennifer BonineCo-Founder & CEO


Branding their logo wasn’t the only task. We worked with them to better understand how they serve clients and made a high-level explainer about their key industries. Again, we kept this light and fun to build their brand image. We took their complicated subject and made it easy to understand and exciting to follow. The best part? Prospects actually watched these at their events (and competitors were jealous).