The go-to content team for ThoughtWorks, a leading tech dev firm.

ThoughtWorks is a brand that carries weight in the tech dev community. Not only are the famous for building agile methodology, their team of 7,000 ThoughtWorkers continues to deploy innovative technology for the worlds largest brands and worthy causes. 

With an enormous need for content, ThoughtWorks has leveraged our team across dozens of initiatives for years. Whether it’s supporting a large scale RFP, sharing client success stories, developing engaging event experiences, or attracting top tier talent, we’ve been hard at work making it happen.

More than anything I’d say they consult with us better than any other vendor we've used. To say we were pleased is an understatement.

SamGlobal Brand Experience Lead

How do we help ThoughtWorks 'wow' our audience at events?

As a global brand, ThoughtWorks has lots of events. We support many of them as a creative content provider. But we don’t just make videos. We help architect the bigger plan and align content to the goal.

The most notable event we support in ThoughtWork’s flagship event, ParadigmShift, which brings together technologists from Fortune 500 companies. For five years, we’ve been the team helping to blueprint the overall story and bring the story to life with in-even content, recap videos and long-format talks.

Overnight edits and event recaps the audience can't wait to share with co-workers, friends and family. Seriously, they come up and ask us "where can we see that again?"

Opening videos and in-event content designed to spark imagination (like this one that was project mapped to a 3D wall).

Promotional content of all shapes, sizes and styles for different events and audiences.

How'd we redefine their client stories to be beautiful, multi-part stories?

Case study videos can be tricky. It’s easy to make them about you. It’s easy to dive too deep in the weeds. 

We helped ThoughtWorks turn their case studies into try client stories. For each client story we produced a core deliverable that focused on the client’s larger problem. Then, we produced slightly more technical videos for the practitioner audience. The result? A multi-pronged deliverable that served multiple audiences for a more robust campaign.

Modernizing Sonic's drive-thru ecosystem.

Empowering TELUS to move faster than ever.

How did we help build their employer branding to truly showcase what it means to be a ThoughtWorker?

ThoughtWorkers truly carry unique attributes. Having worked with ThoughtWorks for over five years, we came to understand this well. When the time came to support employer branding, we helped pull the conversation outside of the office and into ThoughtWorker’s personal lives.


The result? A more compelling series of videos that goes beyond the job description and hits on the most important aspect of any hire — culture.

Zhamak, fusing work, family and self into one place.

Becoming Jonny and overcoming imposter syndrome.