What Type of Content is ‘King’?

You’ve probably heard the expression “content is king” – a valuable reminder that the quality of your content helps drive success. Fantastic… but you, me and everyone on the planet already knows you need good content. So what is a solid benchmark for better defining the type of content that is king?

Here’s a very quick tip for ensuring your content will be successful. Ready? Produce quality content that your target audience actually wants to watch (this doesn’t just apply to video, so feel free to insert your desired media consumption term: read, subscribe to, share).

Disregard what you think they want to watch. Disregard what others think they will watch.What are a few ways for determining what your audience wants to consume? Your team can start by analyzing the content that your audience is already consuming on your website (there are plenty of tools for this), from your marketing materials, and in your meetings. What content are your prospects and clients requesting? Start asking your key accounts what content they’d like to see. Then, you can look outside of your company and see what is trending in your industry and what your biggest competitors are doing. Once you’ve exhausted your internal resources, an agency can help you develop a comprehensive market research analysis to pin point your messaging around what is most relevant to your audience.

Before you take a deep dive into developing amazing content, remember that great content is rarely about being complicated. Much more often, it’s about being simple. So don’t overthink your content. No matter how good you think your content is or how much time and money you spent creating, all that matters is whether your audience consumes it and reacts to it.

What’s the benefit of using this simple barometer as your standard for producing content? If your content aligns with what your audience is demanding (and you invest in some level of inbound marketing), your content will be shared, it will connect, it will push your brand forward. Simply put, it will get you to where you want to go more quickly.

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