Ten Hidden Benefits of Videos

By December 8, 2016 September 21st, 2018 Video Strategy

It’s time to value the product and the process of producing strategic video content for your brand.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve made a ton of videos. Animus Studios has worked with clients in a variety of industries around the world, ranging from textile manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to college sports and children’s toys. While all of the videos we produce have their own goals and messages we aim to deliver, we’ve found that many of our clients experience secondary benefits from the production process.  

  • Identify the real issues. Confusing a symptom for a problem is easy to do. By asking questions upfront, we can offer insight to help identify the real problem.
  • Take advantage of existing assets. Lots of folks come to us with existing content, like websites and promotional materials.  We help turn that into messaging that works for video.
  • Recycle your knowledge. Unless this is your first foray into the world of marketing, you likely have insight into what works and what doesn’t. We recommend by pulling out old data and insights to help drive your video strategy. 
  • Ensure brand consistency by connecting your vendors. You can ensure consistency across all marketing channels, and quality by encouraging collaboration amongst your partners.
  • Find your authentic brand voice. You’ve seen it on paper, your website, maybe a bumper sticker or coffee mug, but video allows you to actually see and hear your brand’s tone in a highly emotional experience.
  • Discover the most effective workflow for crafting your content. Video project management is at our core. We’ll introduce you to new tools that will give you an effective process for producing video content.
  • Polish your team’s presence. Frequently putting your subject matter experts and executives in front of the camera is a good strategy for preparing them for media outreach.
  • Identify your network. There are many options for distribution that should be considered from the start of your project. Thinking through the nuances of your distribution strategy will maximize results.
  • Start your video library.  After weeks of planning and days of filming, we often have content (lots of it) that isn’t used in the final edit. In many cases this extra content can be used down the road. We call this your video library.
  • Let the good times roll. How do you feel? After producing an amazing video, you and your team should feel energized. Welcome the good feedback and get excited for the next project.

We’ve been at this long enough to know that the end product is only a small portion of what clients want – they want a process that spins secondary benefits they hadn’t considered. Even well-established brands with perfect clarity on messaging and brand position experience hidden benefits from a good video production process. So what will you uncover?