Three Ways to Use Animation

By May 12, 2015 September 21st, 2018 Motion Graphics, Video Strategy

3 Ways To Use Animation

Let’s start by stating the obvious: video is everywhere.  In fact, Americans watch an average of 33 minutes of video a day… just on their phones. But what about your OWN video? How do you make it stand out and be more memorable for your viewers? Don’t worry… animation is here to help.

#1 Create Lasting Impact

Half the battle is getting people to pay attention in the first place. Not only is animation an attention-grabbing form of video, but it is a great tool for hammering home key points and breaking down complex ideas. Think of it as a teaching device that can help your viewers absorb and retain important information.  Let’s take Sesame Street for example, a program which uses a combination of video and animation to educate their audience. You don’t have to be the Count to see that their numbers are looking good. Although your audience may not be quite as childlike, similar tactics on a more appropriate level can be just as effective.

#2 Cover What Video Can’t

Live action video can convey many things, but sometimes animation is just a better fit for the subject. Whether it’s visualizing all the complex components of your company’s offerings, mocking-up some interesting new product or invention, or simply accepting the fact that there are just some places that you can’t put a full sized video-camera (trust us, we’ve tried)… animation gives you access to a whole new world of visuals. In doing so, it can turn what might be an inherently challenging subject into something much more compelling.

#3 Start A Conversation

When you make something that’s enjoyable to watch, you’re making something of value. Not only are your viewers going to observe, listen, and remember, they might just pass it on. This can really help expand the reach of your campaign organically. Animation can help raise awareness, elicit action, or simply associate positivity with your brand. This animation made for Blue Cross Blue Shield aims to do all three in just one minute.

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