Video is the New Document

By August 20, 2015 September 21st, 2018 Video Strategy

When you think about the evolution of communication over the last 15 years, what comes to mind? We’ve transitioned from snail mail and paper to paperless and email. We’ve moved from landline phones to mobile phones. We’ve shifted from voice and email to text. In short, we’re mobile, always on and fast. We want information right away in the easiest form possible.

Video perfectly feeds into our evolved communication preference. Why read it in ten minutes when you can watch it in two? Why let your consumer read it the way they want when you can deliver it exactly how you want?

Chances are, when you think about video, you limit yourself to the standard stuff – television commercials, web ads, animation videos, corporate overviews, etc. When thinking about video, people tend to stay somewhat conventional. So, don’t even think about video. Think about how you’re communicating your organization’s major initiatives. Think about the gap between how your audience wants to consume versus how you’re allowing them to consume.

Here’s a thought – maybe video is your new document. If you have lots of print materials, send wordy docs as attachments, promote long white papers, or train your team with printed collateral, what would happen if you replaced your printed materials with an interactive video experience?