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We’re a full-stack video marketing agency. Yes, that is a thing. We help brands big and small think up great ideas and transform them into videos and marketing tactics that work. We know that video marketing is always changing and consistently becoming more important in the digital landscape. We’re big geeks about what’s new and what’s interesting – but ultimately dedicated to what’s most effective for our clients.

Who are actually humans.

Kris Castro / Director, Motion Graphics

Kris Castro

Director, Motion Graphics

When not pushing pixels around a computer screen, Kris can be found engaging in various rec sports & physical activities, enjoying the great outdoors, and accidentally getting small shards of tortilla chip stuck in his throat.

Andrew Drachman

Director of Photography

Andy is our in-house Director of Photography. With a keen eye and passion for capturing the moment, he consistently presents our clients in the best light possible. When not filming, he can be found working on his jump shot or getting into heated negotiations in a game of Catan. He lists his cat, Figaro, as his inspiration for all things cat-related.

Greta Scheing / Senior Designer & Animator

Greta Scheing

Senior Designer & Animator

Greta wants to help you make videos that communicate your message while entertaining your audience. She believes design and storytelling can make our daily lives better. When she’s not animating she’s thinking about being outside, speculative fiction, intersectionality and rollerskating. Sometimes all at once.

John Antonacci | VP of Business Development

John Antonacci

VP of Business Development

John just loves connecting people with solutions. When he’s not at an event, meeting, or at a bar, he’s chatting it up with somebody somewhere. He’s enthusiastic about music, firepits and exercise (even though his back tells him to stop.) Lately, his most time consuming hobby is giving his kids money.

Roy Power / Senior Editor

Roy Power

Senior Editor

Roy is an editor at Animus who also directs some stuff. After watching Jurassic Park too much when he was four, he decided he wanted to make movies. His life is a mixture of movies, Ween concerts, Super Nintendo, trying to go to the gym, kayaking, eating, and drinking.

Murphy McCann / Editor & Filmmaker

Murphy McCann

Editor & Filmmaker

Murphy edits, shoots and sometimes directs things. She enjoys watching movies, taking long walks with her dog Leia, and buying weird art that she has no place to put. Her favorite films are always changing, but right now it’s a toss-up between Jaws and Gremlins. Murph’s mom says that she’s “amazing” - enough said.

Wendy Raad | Director of Operations

Wendy Raad

Director of Operations

Wendy’s love of film began with her first movie experience — Star Wars. She not only loved the idea of getting lost in a great story, but become fascinated at how this unique shared experience had the power to inspire, unite, and invoke a call to action.

Harper / Dog


President & CEO

When you need to make a tough decision, you need Harper by your side. He joins in most meetings and, even though he's often the quietest voice, he is very well respected. As a boutique creative firm, we needed to have a picture of a dog on our website. But don't worry, this isn't a scam, Harper actually works at the office most days.

Justin Andrews / Creative Strategist

Justin Andrews


Justin’s one of the co-founders at Animus Studios. After winning the ‘best dressed’ superlative in high school, he thought to himself: “Making awesome videos to help people? Yeah, that sounds like my thing.” Now this stylish fella helps clients think up awesome creative solutions. He’s all about action and execution… like that time he said, “I bet I can kick that ceiling, and he did.” He’s no Chuck Norris, but you get the idea. You’ll probably like working with him.

Arty Gold / Facilitator of Ideas

Arty Gold


Arty has done it all – from sports reporting to video production. He is extremely talented at finding and developing captivating stories. An out-of-the-box thinker who will push our team to consider new ideas. It's also hard to walk around Rhode Island with Arty. He's been doing this video thing for a while and he's a dedicated family man, so he basically knows everyone in the community.