Find your fascinating

and unleash it into the wild

with the power of video.

“We want to make a video.” Good call. Video is important for the modern marketer. But before you dive into the weeds of prescriptive tactical decision, let’s explore your strategy. We start by understanding your goals, competition, resources, brand and team. We explore new approaches. We map out your campaigns. Then, we align video to relevant campaigns. Oh, and we’re the first ones to say if video isn’t a great fit or if you should just use a webcam. Listen, we love video, but we always prefer to let the best ideas win.

Unleash More

A long time ago, we decided to create a video production studio. Clients loved getting videos. But, we quickly learned that there was more to the equation. Video wasn’t just an add-on at the end of a campaign. Nope, it was a holistic part of the big picture. Video can be both creative and strategic. Whether you have an audience of 100 or 1,000,000, you shouldn’t sell yourself short. We developed a framework for crafting creative content that aligns to campaigns. It’s more than a framework, it’s a mindset. We call it ‘find your fascinating’. Do you have it?

We craft stories with courage & passion for brands, causes we support, and ourselves.

We take a video-first, digital-first approach, but that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the best idea. We believe amazing idea are born from the storyboarding process. While we love juicy creative ideas, we also value practical solutions that deliver value.

We help strategic doers,

enthusiastic go-getters and creative tinkerers

make content their audience loves.

No matter your industry, no matter your size, we’re always up for a conversation to see if you’re the peanut butter to our jelly. Animus isn’t for everyone. Sure, we value common sense and straightforward approaches when it makes sense. But, we love exploring new ideas. If your team isn’t interested in trying new things or willing to challenge the status quo, we might not be a match. 

We love venturing into new territories and going on a field trip into new industries. While we’ve built up some experience in certain industries, we don’t let it hold us back from new challenges. We use motion graphics, scripted live action, and documentaries to help a range of industries: non-profits, healthcare, technology, start-ups, apparel, food, manufacturing, tourism, insurance, financial services, and probably what you do too.