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Delivering Quality Content at Scale

Partnering to build a multi-faceted video team.

About the Project

We're partnered with Vertex's pipeline teams and internal video team on a number of high level patient stories.



What We Did

Video Strategy

Creative Concepting


Process Development


Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Real People Real Stories

Any organization in the health/pharma space talks about their impact with patients (if they don't they probably should be in another industry). We've seen firsthand how seriously the Vertex team takes this commitment to patients. We're using the power of video to reach beyond the standard employee testimonial content in order to develop more empathy for how patients feel.

A Modern Place to Make an Impact

A key part of any pharmaceutical and health care organization is the ability to recruit and retain employees. Over the years, we've captured hundreds of employee interviews designed to bring the Vertex message to the forefront.

Stories of Scientists in Action

Partnering with the internal team, we developed a plan to support a robust content calendar. Interviews with employees were captured in order to share honest stories about all aspects of Vertex. Highlighting stories at an organizational and departmental level allowed prospective candidates to take a deep-dive during their job search.

Bringing the mantra of 'Science of Possibility' to life.

Pharmaceuticals are fueled by the power of their pipeline. Through the years, Vertex has pioneered numerous therapies and treatments with a true commitment to science. This brings Vertex's strategy to life in a simple way.