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The Quirkiness of Crazy Deals

Hundreds of social spots as crazy as their deals.

About the Project

Once upon a time there was a trio who decided "hey, we should sell good stuff at a deal." They went on to start one of Rhode Island's most well known retailers — Ocean State Job Lot. After testing the waters with expensive agency developed TV campaigns, they said "let's try social". Working directly with their team, we launched a blitz on wildly-wacky social commercials that had us filming in stores until the wee hours of the night.



What We Did

Creative Concepting



Ocean State Job Lot

What is a Crazy Deal?

When OSJL shared the "Crazy Deal" brief with us, we knew it was too crazy to be real. Turns out, it is as real as it is crazy. We produced a series of spots to explain what Crazy Deals are while adding to the legendary lore.

Retailer from RI? Mob.

If you've listened to Season One of the podcast Crime Town, you probably know that Rhode Island has a connection to a "certain way of life." But a lesser known fact is where they get deals. We stumbled on "Danny" during one of our earlier spots for OSJL and turned him into an ongoing personality. By the way... he's a florist. That's the way of life we were talking about.

Seasonal Spots

Like any retailer, OSJL needs to keep up with the changing seasons and deals. Through the seasons of New England we produced spots highlighting everything from wrapping paper and cozy warm socks to kayaks and bird seed. Yes, OSJL is the place to go for the best deals on all of these things.