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Thoughtful, Creative, Compelling: How Storytelling Can Be an Advantage for Your Business

What do you think about when you envision stories? Stories are powerful because they make it easy for you to connect with your audience on a personal level. Humans are hardwired to enjoy stories - we connect with the characters, need to know the answer to the problem, and love to share stories. That is why storytelling can be a powerful part of commercial video marketing.

If your business uses competitive, creative storytelling to communicate with your target market, you will have an easier time fostering consumer loyalty and maintaining a competitive advantage in the current environment.

What do you need to know about compelling storytelling, and what are some of the top benefits it can provide for your business?

How To Create a Powerful Business Video

If you want to get the most out of your video marketing strategy, what do you need to do? Let’s figure out what type of story will connect with your target market.

You should always start by writing down potential stories. If the pieces don't fit together on a piece of paper (or computer screen), they aren't going to work together when you put them in a video. Some of the most important steps you need to follow include:

1. Think About the Elements of a Story

First, you need to think about the elements of your story that will come together to create a compelling video. A story is made of elements that tend to follow a story arc designed to hold our attention.

  • Characters: Who are the characters that play a role in the story? Who is going to be the protagonist or hero? Who or what is going to be the antagonist? Consider making your prospect the hero of your story.

  • Conflict: What is the conflict or problem that your character is trying to solve? What are some of the biggest pain points that need to be addressed?

  • Rising Action: As the protagonist moves to solve the problem, the action rises and holds the viewer’s attention. Often, the protagonist receives help on their journey. Consider positioning your brand or offering as the part of the solution along the hero’s journey.

  • Climax (and Resolution): Don't forget the resolution has to have a compelling finish — the climax. The big moment at the height of the action which is followed by falling action and a resolution.

While you’re not writing a novel, many of the elements from your favorite books and movies apply to your brand’s story. Be sure to curate a story or design a story with compelling elements that reflect your brand well while also enticing your audience.

2. Hold Your Audience’s Attention

As the story unfolds, you need to make sure you hold the attention of your viewers. One of the best ways to do so is to use powerful, compelling visuals. The aesthetics and feel of your video are going to play a significant role. If the visuals are exceptional, it will be harder to click-away from watching.

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and our brains can process images more quickly and efficiently than text. While you might have some text on the screen, you need to prioritize the visual components of your video to really feel like a story.

Don't forget that the story has to take place in a setting that is conducive to the problem that your products and services can solve. Even if your product isn't directly involved in the video, remember that your company has to be memorable.

3. Find the Fascinating Story

It is unlikely that the first draft of your videos will be perfect. Fortunately, it does not have to be! You can partner with an expert who can guide you through the process, making sure the execution is flawless by the time you reach the finish.

Selecting the right story is key to holding attention. There are three ways to share a story for your brand. The key is making sure you select the most interesting story possible.

  • Documentaries: Search really hard for real people within your community and produce a story about them. This could be a customer, employee, influencer, or interesting person who connects with your values.

  • Scripted Films with Actors: If you’re looking for a more stylized storytelling, you can write a short film script that connects to your brand. Like a movie, this will utilize actors to bring your story to life.

  • Animation Stories: Another option for a scripted film is an animation story. This is a solution that can help bring more abstract characters to life with complete control. For example, a character related to your brand identity could become part of the story.

By working with a professional team, you will also have access to the best equipment in the industry. Having the right equipment can make a significant difference to the final quality of the video. Remember that the video is going to be a direct reflection of your brand. If the video looks good, people are going to assume that your product and services are exceptional as well. This can make a major difference when you want people to give your products and services an opportunity.

The Key Benefits of Telling a Compelling Story

You should make sure your video shares a compelling story with your audience. Some of the biggest benefits of using compelling stories in your commercial video marketing include:

1. Brand Recall

Today, the business world is increasingly competitive. If you want your company to be successful, a compelling story can help to separate yourself from the other companies in your industry.

If you tell a compelling story, your viewer is going to have an easier time remembering it. As a result, they will have a much easier time remembering your company as well. Then, when they realize that they need a specific product or service, your brand will come to mind.

2. Brand Loyalty

A compelling story helps improve brand loyalty. Most brands focus on customer acquisition, but also need to think about customer retention. If you tell a compelling story, you will be more likely to form deeper connections with your audience and, therefore, convince people to come back for repeat business.

To foster brand loyalty in the current environment, you need to rely on creating an engaging, personal customer experience. You need a story that will engage your audience well, while also taking advantage of vivid imagery, text overlays, and other features that can help you separate your company from others in your industry.

Many leading brands now leverage stories as a fundamental part of their marketing strategy. In addition to traditional short-form content around their offerings, many brands now tell stories to build deeper connections with their customers and foster long-term relationships.

3. Educate Your Audience

Finally, a compelling story is also important because it can help you educate your audience regarding the products and services you provide without need to place this at the center of the story. You may have some of the best products and services in the world, but if people don't understand how to use them, you will have a difficult time making an impact on your industry.

When you tell a compelling story, you will hold the attention of your audience much better. Then, because they are paying attention, they will have a much easier time remembering the major advantages created by the products and services you offer.

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