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Boom Polo

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The perfect wardrobe for any occasion.

About the Film

When asked to help a high school senior on his project, we didn't know what to expect. When Zach Black entered our studio, we certainly didn't expect to be pitched a short film called "Boom Polo". Through life experience, Zach realized that there was only one clothing item he could wear to any occasion — a polo. He took this experience and turned it into an idea for a comedic short.

We loved it. We were all in on the polo, so we brought his vision to life.

Here's a video of Zach
explaining the concept. Zach is a Rhode Island based student with a passion for film. He was diagnosed with autism at a young age and pushes to make his ideas possible. At Animus, we call this creative courage... and Zach has plenty of it.


3 minutes